An RPG involving several Anime!!~!
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PostSubject: Locations!   Wed Jun 25, 2008 9:23 am

Here are the Locations. You can set up a house or shop or almost anything here.


Britannia- One of the world's three superpowers. Britannia controls one-third of the Earth and is based in North America. Britannia does not control the British Isles though, having lost them to Napoleon. Britannia was founded during the reign of Roman King, Julius Caesar. Currently Britannia is ruled by the 98th Emperor of Britannia, Charles Di Britannia. The capital city is Neo-Wales

Area 11
Area 11- A colony of Britannia. It was formerly ruled by Prime Minister Genbu Kururugi and known as Japan but went to war with Britannia and defeated within one month of war. Area 11 produces over 70% of the wolrd's Sakuradite.

Babel Tower
The Babel Tower is a commercial complex on the outskirts of the Tokyo Concession, administrated by organized criminal elements as a casino wherein human trade and other illegal practices are rampant.

The Narita is a small Britannian settlement near the Narita Mountains. One of the laboratories of the Rosenberg Institute is situated here.

Port Yokosuka
Port Yokosuka is a major seaport situated south of the Tokyo Concession.

Shinjuku Ghetto
The Shinjuku Ghetto is a region bordering the Tokyo Concession left untouched by the Area 11 colonial government. The buildings within were heavily damaged during the combative phase of the Britannian occupation, and due to sanctions imposed by the subsequent colonial government, rebuilding efforts have thus far yielded only temporary structures that house the unemployed Elevens who inhabit the area.

Shizuoka Ghetto
The Shizuoka Ghetto (シズオカゲットー, Shizuoka Gettō?) is an uninhabited seaside region that served as the second attempted founding point of the Special Administrative Zone of Japan under the colonial administration of Nunnally Vi Britannia.

Tokyo Concession
The Tokyo Concession is the administrative capital of Area 11. Ashford Academy is situated here. Dividing the concession from the ghettos that surround it is the 5th Circinate Line of its monorail system, which takes the place of the former Yamanote Line. Militarily, its forces are organized into defense circles radiating from the Viceroy's Palace. The third such line from the center is called the Atsugi Line So as to provide a regular foundation for ease of construction over the ruins of Old Tokyo, the street level of the concession in fact rests upon a series of interlocked plates, which can be removed in case of earthquakes or other disasters. The locking mechanism is controlled via a closed-circuit system from a city administration facility.

Area 10
Area 10 is located in the Indochinese Peninsula and is one of Britannia's colonys.

Special Administrative Zone of Japan
The Special Administrative Zone of Japan was first formed by Princess Euphemia Li Britannia and then later reformed by Princess Nunnaly Vi Britannia as an area where Elevens could be treated with respect as "Japanese Citizens" and where granted certain rights and freedoms they were not allowed as Elevens. It is based near Fuji.

Area 18
Area 18 is based in the Middle East and is a colony controlled by Britannia. Area 18 has it's own unique Knightmares dubbed Bamides.

Chinese Federation
Though the Chinese Federation is the largest in population of all three of the world's superpowers most of the population are in poverty. The Chinese Federation seeks to control Area 11 for it's own purposes and has long-standing hostilities towards the E.U.

Eighty-Eight Imperial Mausolea
The Eighty-Eight Imperial Mausolea is a peak-like structure traditionally used as a grave site by the Imperial Family of the Chinese Federation.

Militarized Zone of India
The Militarized Zone of India is one of the territories under the Chinese Federation. It is referred to by the Federation government with the diminutive "beyond known lands" . India is said to be vying for independence, and has to this end covertly amassed profits by supplying arms to Resistance groups in Area 11 through the Kyōto House until the death of Taizō Kirihara in a.t.b. 2017.

Penglai Island
Penglai Island is an artificial island off the coast of China, which generates electricity through tidal activity.

Vermillion Forbidden City
The Vermillion Forbidden City is the seat of the Chinese Emperor and the government of the Federation a large palace situated in the capital city of Luoyang. It is off-limits to the general public and, aside from guard detail and other military personnel, holds a permanent staff of Eunuchs and female servants for fear that consorts and members of the Imperial line may be illicitly impregnated. Official guests may be permitted entry only by the highest offices of government. Under the administration of the High Eunuchs, it serves also as a prison to the Emperor, who is effectively under life-long house arrest.

Euro Universe
The Euro Universe is the third World Superpower. The Euro Universe, or E.U. was formed during the 1800's. It is more democratic than Britannia or the Chinese Federation and supports equal human rights. It has long been in conflict with Britannia and controls at least half of Europe, and most of Russia and Africa.

Australia is free of any of the world's superpowers rule; it is populated largely by Europeans and Native Aborigines.

Karakura Town
Karakura Town is located in the western Tokyo Concession and mostly Britannians live here, Though a small number of Honorary Britannians reside here. Men with spiritual powers have reported that there is an unusually large amount of evil energy there.

Shinobi Territory
The Shinobi Territory is also known as the Ninja World. It is one of the few areas, like Australia, free from any of the world's superpowers, the Ninja World actually has power rivaling Brittania's but is unknown to any of the Superpowers. Most of the Ninja Countries are located in Eastern Asia.

Fire Country
The Fire Country is located in a warm and sunny climate where there are plentiful harvest. Because of its location it has became the country with the largest population and strongest economy. It's Hidden Village is Konohagakure.

Konohagakure, the Leaf Village, is the largest village in the Ninja World, both in land area and population. It is one of the seven great ninja countries and is known as the strongest with only the Sand and Spring village's power rivaling it. Konoha is located in the Fire Country.

Training Area Number 44
The Training Area Number 44, also known as the Forest of Death, is located northwest of Konoha within a large gate that surrounds it. It is known as the Training Area Number 44 because of the 44 gate openings around it, and is known as the Forest of Death because of the creatures lurking inside it, which would kill an unexperienced ninja. Every year the 44 Elders of the Leaf Village, including the Hokage, meet at the tower in the center of the forest. Also the forest is used for the Chunin Exams that take place in the Leaf Village every Three and a Half Years.

The Valley of the End
The Valley of the End is the location where the First Hokage and Madara Uchiha fought. A statue of both the First and Madara were built there on opposite sides of the valley to remember the battle. This valley is also the border between the Fire Country and the Rice Country.

Rain Country
The Rain Country is located within a Rainforest. It is a highly protected country and ninja must state what they intend to do upon entering. If someone is even permitted entry into the village they usually are under heavy surveillance. The Rain Country is located between a few of the Great Ninja Countries it is usually used as a battlefield and most of it's population are war refugees and because of this the Rain Country has a destabilized government. even though Most of its population is in poverty and the Government of the Rain Country is poor compared to other Countries the Rain Country has managed to keep its hidden village, Amegakure.

Amegakure is the poorest of the Great Ninja Countries though it has some of the strongest individual ninja. Most of its ninja are Missing-Nin and only a few ninja remaining were originally from the Rain. The Rain's Genin Exams are similar to the Sound's Genin Exams, requiring a whole class of Academy Students to slaughter one another until only one squad of students, or three students are left.

Rice Country
The Rice Country is one of the Seven Great Ninja Countries, and the one with the smallest population. The Rice Country is one of the richest countries though.

Otogakure, or the Village of Sound, is the Great Shinobi Village with the smallest population, though few, if any, of it's residents are in poverty. Most of Otogakure's ninja's descendants came from other Countries and therefore, like the Rain, very few of it's Shinobi are actual Sound Ninja. Most of it's ninja do have several sound justu and a jutsu unique to the Sound village, the Curse Seal, which powers up the body by using the strongest chakra in the body for Jutsu, multiplying the strength of the user's Jutsu by at least 5 times. The Sound's Genin Exams are similar to the Rain's Exams, but not as harsh. Where the Rain requires a slaughter of the Academy Students until only three are left alive, the Sound requires the class to fight each other until only three are left conscious.

Water Country
The Water Country is the smallest of the Countries in Land Area. It is composed of many small islands and there are many lakes and it is known to snow frequently.

Kirigakure, also known as the Mist Village, is the Ninja Village with the least land area. the Mist Village is known for its group of Seven S-Rank Swordsmen Ninja, The Seven Shinobi Swordsmen of the Mist, which protect the Mist Village.

Wave Country
The Wave Country is very prosperous because of its exporting and importing industry.

Great Naruto Bridge
The Great Naruto Bridge is the bridge connecting the island of the Wave Country to other countrys. It was named after the Sixth Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, who inspired the villagers to rebel against Gato, the tyrant of their country, and overthrow him.

Wind Country
The Wind Country is situated near a large and desolate desert. Most of its Villagers live near water sources. Most of the country is inhospitable but it is a prosperous country nonetheless.

Sunagakure, the Sand Village, is one of the stongest ninja countries ; It's power is comparable to both the Leaf's and the Spring's. It is known to once have waged war against the Leaf with the aid of the Sound and it has been attacked by the Sand Demon Shukaku numerous times. Though, because the Shukaku, is the weakest of the tailed demons it has been easily defeated each time and sealed into a human.

Harusakigakure, the Spring Village, formerly known as the Village of Snow, is a small country with power that rivals the Leaf and the Sand's power. Little is known about the Spring Village, except for the fact they have the most advanced technology in the known world, and have a special armor which lets them render ninjutsu and genjutsu useless.

Hoshigakure, the Star Village, is known for the special chakra their ninja control, which is powered by the shards of a meteorite that fell from the sky many years ago. Training with the star was prohibited when the Third Hoshikage came to power, because of the harm the star may cause to the body of a ninja. Currently training with the shards of that star is allowed, though it is only open to Elite Jounin of Hoshigakure.

Small Villages
These are the ninja villages that are not recognized by the Seven Great Ninja Villages.

Kumogakure, the Village Hidden Within the Clouds, is a former Great Ninja Village, though its power still rivals some of the weaker Great Ninja Villages. Two of the tailed demons reside here, them being the Two Tailed Demon Cat and the Eight Tailed Beast.

Kusagakure, the Grass Village, are a group of nomad ninja that specialize in the arts of the sword, and made the legendary Kusanagi sword. A few experienced ninja of Kusagakure have been able to use Wood Jutsu, though the wood jutsu is not nearly as strong as the Senju Clan's Wood Jutsu.

The rock village, specializes in earth jutsu.

The Waterfall Village, their ninja specialize in Water Based Jutsu. A special water known as the Hero Water may be drank to amplify the user's chakra tenfold, but only Elite Jounin of Takigakure may drink this water, and only in times of war, because of the strain this water puts on the body.
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