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 Common Ranks

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PostSubject: Common Ranks   Tue Aug 12, 2008 12:47 pm

Requirements: Differs in each ninja country.
Location: Each Ninja Country.
Purpose: Ninja-in-training. Are sent off on lower-ranked missions.
Privileges: Extra Equipment, missions.

Requirements: Pass the Chunin Exams, that take place in a certain village each six months.
Locations: Differs every time one is held.
Purpose: Journeyman Ninja. Are sent off on B-Rank and C-Rank missions, which range from escorting someone to another country, to protecting someone from other Chunin or Genin ninja. Rarely, Chunin are require to go on A-Rank Missions.
Privileges: Access to Mid-Level or Higher Level Forbidden Scrolls.

Special Jonin
Requirements: Chunin, and have one S-Rank skill.
Locations: Each Ninja village
Purpose: Lower-level Jonin, that are specifically skilled in one area. Examples are Jonin skilled in tracking, or interrogation.
Privileges: Same as Chunin

Requirements: Chunin, pass the Jounin Exams.
Locations: Each Village, yearly.
Purpose: Mid-Level Jonins. Skilled in most areas. Sent on B-Rank and A-Rank missions, which range from protecting important people, to stealing heavily guarded documents.
Privileges: Extra Equipment.

Requirements: Jonin, must be chosen by the Kage.
Locations: Each village.
Purpose: High-Level Jonins. Sent on A-Rank and S-Rank missions, ranging from stealing heavily guarded documents, to assasinating imporant figures, such a Sannin or Kage.
Privileges: Extra Equipment.

Requirements: ANBU, must be chosen by the Kage.
Locations: Each Village.
Purpose: The three strongest ninja that reside in their village, not including the Kage. The Kage's personal guards.
Privileges: Kage-Level forbidden scrolls, including the Sacred Summoning Scrolls.

Requirements: Become the strongest in the village, and prove it after your Kage dies.
Location: Each village.
Purpose: Leader of the village.
Privileges: Well...pretty much everything.

Requirements: Genin, and good cook.
Location: Cloud Village.
Purpose: Prepares food for hungry ninja teams.
Privileges: Extra Money, Extra Food.

Requirements: Jonin, high stealth.
Location: Mist Village.
Purpose: A special branch of Kirigakure's ANBU dedicated solely to hunting down missing-nin, and killing them. They must completely destroy the missing-nin's body and bring the head back as proof.
Privileges: Special Equipment

Requirements: Genin, High Chakra Control
Location: Each Hidden Village.
Purpose: Healing injured ninja.
Privileges: Special Items, Special Equipment

Requirements: Former Hidden Village Ninja, abandon Village.
Location: Everywhere.
Purpose: Unknown
Privileges: Special Jutsu
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Common Ranks
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